Who I am

Hi, I am Lorenz.

I am doing my Physics Bachelor at the University of Göttingen in Germany. I love science and nature and standing up for the stuff that angers me. I am interested in a *lot* of stuff, which is why I also love programming and do some in my spare time. I am partially self-employed as a Web Developer creating nice and easy-to-use Web Projects for my customers and friends. I am hoping to write an occasional blog post when I discover something interesting, but I actually am not really into blogging so I don't expect much.


  • Why I left WordPress and won't go back

    WordPress works… I've been using WordPress for more than 5 years now. From the start I have been very happy. When I first used Wordpress, I didn't have a lot of coding experience, especially not in PHP. Wordpress enabled me to program nice and functional websites that are easy to use in frontend and…