Who I am

Hi, I am Lorenz.

I am doing my Physics Bachelor at the University of Göttingen in Lower Saxony, Germany. I am interested in a *lot* of stuff, which is why I also love programming and do some in my spare time. I am also a self-employed Web Developer creating nice and easy-to-use Web Projects for my customers. I am hoping to write an occasional blog post when I discover something interesting, but I actually am not really into blogging so I don't expect much.


  • Why I left WordPress and won't go back

    WordPress works… I've been using WordPress for more than 5 years now. From the start I have been very happy. When I first used Wordpress, I didn't have a lot of coding experience, especially not in PHP. Wordpress enabled me to program nice and functional websites that are easy to use in frontend and…

  • Queere Theorie – Normative Praxis? (German)

    Mit geschlechterhomogener Pädagogik Zweigeschlechtlichkeit reflektieren Disclaimer: This blog poste is based on an essay written for the university. Because of that it is unfortunately written in German. Eine politische Praxis muss auf eine plausible Theorie der gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse gründen. Diesen Anspruch formuliert die Linke an sich selbst, so auch der Feminismus.…