I contributed to the Jugendforum Braunschweig, a local project for young people to contribute ideas and criticism to the city.

I chaired the Stadtjugendring Göttingen, a local youth representation organisation, speaking up for the needs of children and young people in the city and organizing funding.

I am chairperson of the e.V., a data protection non-profit, speaking up for your human right to privacy and helping you execute it.


You can find my GitHub profile here:

  • I am maintaining the datenanfragen project, a website and generator for data protection requests and a database of data protection contacts at organizations. (tech involved: JavaScript, preact, nodejs, hugo)
  • zner0L/maabara is a forked project from Frithjof Gressmann I did some fixing to. You can use it to easily calculate error propgation in symbolic formulas and to export data from python directly into latex tables. Also take a look at the documentation.


I do a lot more at GitLab:
I currently contribute to some projects there:

  • zner0L/grundpraktikum is a TeX project containing (German) reports for the experiments done in the "Grundpraktikum zur Experimentalphysik" at the University of Göttingen .
  • foodsharing is a (currently) non open-source project developing the platform used for sharing left-over food and saving it from being thrown away .


I also do some other stuff which I feel currently not confident enough to share, or clients don't allow me to, but maybe some day or if you ask nicely ;)