How to reach me

You can easily reach me via email: info [ät]

But if you want, you can contact me otherwise:


I have several PGP keys which can all be found here: Also, if you want you can find some information on encryption and my keys here:

Keyid Link Checksum (sha256)
0xF26C5686 lorenz-sieben.asc 8e1c0bcfb12c5ecdc061cbfc18e610bf4ce13ec302fbb177e86fc4166595d22e
0x1C1EE384 seven-solutions.asc 80ffae091539687e8632bd239f26b30a02ab551aee959a15caee581af73af878
0x3B2D8693 falken-bs.asc 0687566e7a9c86c4f39a15e4ac6632931b9b9c56582fd1e9bcc7588f1834ef9c
0xD8E5ED35 sjrg-de.asc 86e544a907e3b92404d45601b9ca9d69b58c1013476d2d7b43915abfb0ab70bd